Thank You Note

2011 Washington DC Convention






Well, Washington DC 2011- Watchmen Prayer Convention - is now in the books!

First, we would like to thank all those who were able to attend from far (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, Burkina-Faso, North Carolina…) and near, despise the bad weather condition, many of you showed up! Without you, the story would have been told differently today!


We would also like to thank our guest speakers (Pastor Emmanuel Twagirimana, Prophet Perry Maison, Evangelist Billy Bimba); the worship leader (Minister Leroy Moore) & his team, the MCs (Rev. Maima Moore, Dr. Debra Boyd, Minister Paul Mbuyi); all those who led prayer so powerfully, and also those of you who prayed for the convention itself etc…


You all made the weekend so rich, powerful and enlightening spiritually!


It is fair to conclude that the convention was a success! God spoke powerfully to us through His Word, through testimony, vision casting etc! Prayer sessions were intense! Worship was heavenly!


To all those who contributed to the convention: so many people have contributed in so many ways to turn this event into smoothly running meetings. Thank you for all your excellent work! Thanks for all of your prayers, your hard work, your cooperation, and spirit of great unity and great generosity to support the work of the kingdom… It really means a lot to the Lord Himself and to the entire Watchmen ministry. May God bless you many times over.


Once again, thank you all for coming, and because this is not intended to be a one-time experience we look forward to seeing you next year by God’s grace! Don’t forget to bring some friends!


We pray in turn that you and ministry be blessed by the loving hand of God.
We pray your lives and ministry be filled with God’s awesome grace and favor.
We pray your days be filled with His peace, love, joy.
May you know His presence more as you behold His face.
May He give you the desire of your hearts.


Love and appreciation,


Rev. Dr. Moussa & Dr. Esther Touré






Post-Convention comments:

From different "corners" of the earth we gathered, and hearts and minds met powerfully to touch Heaven on behalf of earth!  The gathering was quite miraculous to witness. May many good fruits burst forth from this effort and continue to spread the seeds of love, unity and peace for all on this earth.


I can’t wait any longer to congratulate you on the success of the convention!  It was a powerful gathering, and a powerful experience of determined hope for the salvation of the nations!

I would like to thank very warmly the organizers for their incredible work and efforts which contributed to the success of the convention. I would like to reiterate my thanks for inviting me to the convention. I was sincerely impressed with the spiritual intensity and the organization of the event. I was so honored to attend and meet such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

Wonderful  weekend! I am sure you already know this was just the start of something huge and I am so honored to have been able to be there.  Thanks again for a wonderful weekend – I learned so much and am ever more inspired to find ways to share what the Lord has done during this event.

Thank you so much for organizing this powerful convention and inviting me to it. I enjoyed it tremendously, was empowered spiritually and feel so humbled by all the incredible people I met. You did an amazing job; the convention was well organized and had a spiritual big impact on all who attended it.

I have attended many international conferences but this one was truly unique and remarkable. I learnt a lot from all the guest speakers, the testimony and from the prayer sessions, great praise and worship!

The most interesting and powerful convention I have attended in recent times and well done for your efforts.

The convention left a deep effect in my heart for many reasons especially the density of prayer, the powerful testimony, the teachings, the diversity of participants and the feeling of love that was surrounding us, it seems that I knew everyone for a long time. Thank you for the excellent organization, the special team you have, rich experience!

Thank you for a most amazing coming together, for all your vision and determined efforts that enabled it to take place in this world.

Just a note to express gratitude for this convention.  It was a powerful moment and a tipping point in my priorities. Look forward to the follow-up.

The Watchmen Prayer Convention was a great success.  It was empowering to be in a place filled with such spiritual electricity, energy.  It has so much inspired me. Looking forward to the next…

Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in one of prayer sessions with such powerful and amazing brethren.  I hope that the remainder of the convention went well and that your efforts are successful.

I just wanted to thank you again for making me part of this incredible convention. I had an amazing time learning, and meeting such an impressive caliber of God’s wonderful  people.  Thanks again and more power to you!

Congratulations. It was a wonderful, superb convention. It lifted my spirit, gave me such energy to keep doing whatever I was doing: PRAYER! Thank you for including me to such an important historical event. Also I would like to thank your organizers for working ever so hard. I pray we will be able to do this on yearly base.




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